SMB VoIP Solution

Under normal circumstances, small and micro enterprises usually apply to local operators for a telephone line for the office telephone needs.
Externally, there is no unified switchboard number and personalized welcome message for incoming calls, which cannot effectively display the corporate brand image. Internally, employees cannot dial each other on extensions, resulting in high communication costs and low communication efficiency.
With one New Rock OM20G/50G series IP PBX, we can easily solve these problems.

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Soluiton Value
  • System stability and reliability

    · The New Rock VoIP system is safe and stable, and support 7*24 hours uninterrupted service

  • Simple to use and easy to maintain

    · The admin interface is easy to operate and requires no specialist IT support.

  • Rich voice services,multi functions

    · Support external citation number, IVR navigation, call transfer, fax and other functions

    · Switchboard/extension, voice navigation, caller ID, call forwarding, transfer, surrogate, simultaneous ring, call authority, three-party calling, fax, etc.

    · Support call recording, simple call center, mobile extensions, teleconferencing, etc.

  • Good compatibility

    · Support standard SIP, RTP, SSTP, TLS and other protocols, and support various brands of telephone terminal access

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