New Rock Hotel VoIP Solution for Pandemic era
Update Time:2021-06-25
Hotel Smart Unified Telephone Solution
With the pandemic ease worldwide, the hotel business still facing many challenges. How to provide customers a safe, comfortable, and smooth experience with a reliable and efficient phone system that could integrate with the hotel business management software become more and more important.

New Rock hotel VoIP solution has a unified management system, remote configuration system, and can be docked with IoT devices to realize a more efficient hotel operation environment.
New Rock Hotel VoIP Solution for Pandemic era

Unified Management System
New Rock UMS is used for unified management and remote operation and maintenance of New Rock OM series IP-PBX and MX series VoIP gateways, supporting monitoring device operation status, batch distribution of device configuration files, and upgrading device software, effectively helping various operators, large and medium-sized integration projects and authorized distributors to realize smart and simple device management and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

New Rock UMSAuto Configuration
Inconsistent configuration and high equipment maintenance costs make the hotel IT department find it is difficult to support the rapid expansion of hotel chains. New Rock hotel VoIP solution provides an auto-configuration function that allows hotel headquarters to unify configuration management, each branch can automatically obtain and completes the configuration.

New Rock hotel VoIP solution

Unmanned delivery
In the post-pandemic era, with rising labor costs, contactless delivery and increasing demand for intelligence, indoor distribution robots are becoming more and more widely used in various scenarios, New Rock hotel VoIP solutions help delivery robots to communicate with customers more quickly and intelligently.

With the hotel robot system cloud server connects with hotel OM devices, when customers ordered room service or food, the robot would make a phone call to the customer and play the pickup code by voice when delivering the goods to the customer's room.

hotel robot system

Solution Value

1. At the same time support NAT traversal service for multi-site networking
2. Connect to hotel LAN and PSTN
3. Convenient deployment
4. Centralized operation and maintenance on New Rock UMS cloud 
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