NeeHau SoftConsole Release Notes (with OM20/50) V1.1.92.2
Update Time:2018-04-24

Firmware Modules

NeeHau client

NeeHau_setup.exe: V  

Note: It is recommended to install NeeHau on Windows 7 or later operating systems

OM software

OM20: Rev or later
OM50: Rev or later

New Features

1.Supports the administrator to delete all call history and memos.
2.Adds mouseover for operation zone, so prompt will appear upon the mouse pointer hovers.


1.Optimizes the layout and text of Web GUI.
2.Completely avoids the issues (such as loss of call history or statistics) caused from a damaged database.

Bug fixed

1.Fixed the issue that the contact name which contains blank was deleted automatically.
2.Fixed the issue on that unable to add or modify contact group name.
3.Fixed an issue that the page did not respond upon real time statistics under massive data.
4.Fixed an issue that exporting memos occasionally caused the OM device to reboot.
5.Fixed a search-result display issue due to the searched extension number was deleted on the OM device.
6.Fixed a bug which caused inaccurate data statistics.
7.Fixed the issue that unable to obtain recording files.
8.Fixed the issue that unable to modify the “Recording server” parameter manually.
9.Fixed the issue that NeeHau crashed upon login.

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