Hunt Group Setup for Smoother Call Pickups
Update Time:2019-11-29
ow do I allow the customers to dial different numbers to reach different departments when they call to our company?

The hunt group and the greeting of the IPPBX can help with that. Below is the use of OM20G for illustrative purposes.

1. Hunt group setup
Click “Basic > Dialing rule > Hunt Group” to set group numbers, extension numbers and extension hunting modes (Sequential hunting/ Round-robin hunting/ring all).
For example, Group Number 1 is the sales department with the extension numbers from 201 to 205, and the hunting mode is “Sequential hunting”.

Note that the group number cannot conflict with the dialing prefixes or extension numbers.

2. Customization of greetings
Click “Basic > Audio files > Text-to-greeting”. Enter the texts for speech synthesis and click “Start”. For example, “Thank you for calling New Rock. Press 1 for Sales Department. Press 3 for Customer Services”.

3. Retrieve greetings
Click “Basic > Auto attendant” to set the office hours and select the synthesized audio file for greeting.

With these set up, the customer will press 1 to reach the sales department after hearing greeting. The first available extension at the sales department will ring based on the preset hunting mode.
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