New Rock VoIP Solution for Small and Medium-sized Hotel

With New Rock OM series IP-PBX as the core component, with IAD distributed deployment and New Rock PMSI docking with hotel PMS, New Rock provides small and medium-sized hotel hotels with an economical and practical unified communication solution.


New Rock OM series IP-PBX

Hotel PBX room
1、Deploy NewRock OM series small and medium-sized IP-PBX to meet most of the hotel's telephony needs, including: multi-language welcome message, call recording, call transfer, etc.
2、Support access to analog trunk (PSTN), digital trunk (30B+D), SIP/IMS lines, etc.
3、Deploy multiple application servers, including
1)Recording management software. Mainly used to manage the hotel reception, hotel customer service phone recording, for customer service assessment, business disputes, customer needs to provide the basis for data mining.
2) Other business systems of hotels: OM series IP-PBX provides open API interface, which can be integrated with other applications of hotels (such as OA/ERP).

Hotel floor/room
1、Recommended IAD distributed deployment, directly deploy IAD to floor wiring room or different buildings to save wiring cost compared to traditional PBX.
2、SIP speakers can be deployed in the hallway for emergency broadcasting.
Hotel Reception
1、Use IP phones to enhance the hotel  brand image, improve customer satisfaction.
2、PMSI is docked with hotel PMS to improve hotel management efficiency.

Solution Features

Task Dispatch

Customer Response CenterCustomer Response Center

Hotel PBX room
Hotel Broadcast

1.New Rock IP-PBX has built-in broadcasting function. All SIP-based broadcasting devices (broadcasting servers, intercoms, amplifiers, speakers, etc.) can be registered as SIP extensions of the New Rock IP-PBX, and users can use their phones to dial the above SIP broadcasting device extension numbers to quickly initiate broadcasting or intercoms.

2.Dial extension number or group number (support analog extension and IP extension) to launch broadcast quickly

3.Support dividing broadcast groups (up to 20, 40-60 extensions per group), dial the group number to launch broadcast for the group.

4.Emergency broadcast & alarm with call: the front desk can send preset fire alarm prompting voice with one key, and user can hear the fire notification after taking off the analog extension in the guest room; the floor SIP speaker can automatically play the voice notification. At the same time call the fire alarm.

5.Broadcast paging: when the hotel needs to find things and people or warm reminder service, without visiting the  guest room, hotel staff can set to  broadcast to selected area or the whole area of the hotel.

6.Timed broadcasting: According to the pre-set time and broadcasting language, automatic broadcasting can be carried out. For example, it can play background music at a regularly time.

7.Temporary/real-time broadcasting: broadcasting according to temporary needs.

User Value
1.Rich hotel phone features. Including:  call queuing, multi-language welcome message, background music, phone recording, mobile extension, message light-up, intelligent call transfer, night customer service, etc.

2.Provide economical and practical wine management software (check-in/check-out, wake-up call, billing, etc.) to meet the daily management needs of small and medium-sized hotels and reduce investment costs.

3.Distributed deployment based on IP network, with convenient and flexible construction, greatly saving wiring and implementation costs. When expanding capacity later, there is no need to change the existing network architecture and protect the investment.

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