Telephone Solution for MSEs (< 50 people)
Micro and small enterprises (MSEs) are the biggest and most vibrant players in economic activities. A significant difference between them and medium and large enterprises (MLEs) is that IT investment is insufficient or even non-existent. Taking office telephones for example, MSEs often apply to the carriers for direct telephone subscription. Externally, no switchboard number or personalized inbound call greeting is set up, failing to display their corporate or brand image. Internally, employees are unable to place calls to each other via extensions. This leads to high communication costs and low communication efficiency.

For MSEs with limited funds, technology, and strength, how can they be transformed into “smart MSEs” at the lowest cost and investment in IT?

The New Rock MSE office telephone solution, which is based on the OM20G/50G IP-PBX and combined with the NeeHau™ SoftConsole and the WeWei® softphone app, provides smart inbound call handling and customer telephone communication management for MSEs with 30 or less members or sales/customer service teams.

Diverse office telephone functions for more effective communication
-  24/7 smart switchboard with self-service reception of inbound calls and precise distribution.
-  Customized greetings and multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) enhances the corporate image. 
-  Zero-cost inter-connection between extensions, one-click call forwarding and transfer, and telephone conferences at any time. 
-  No call is missed by setting a hunt group during office hours and automatic call forwarding to on-duty staff during non- office hours.

Equipped with numerous integrated communication applications to achieve IT-enablement
-  Automatic pop-up screen displays customer information and call history records for inbound calls. Call memos can be added, revised, shared, and exported at any time.
-  Call recording and call histories are available for every call with a built-in voice recording storage. Conversion of the audio recording into text is also available.
-  Mobile phones act as mobile extensions, allowing calls to be placed or received anywhere at any time. 
-  Dialing with buttons on phones is no longer necessary, as phones can be made by click-to-dial on a computer.

Flexible deployment, easy installation, and simple maintenance 
-  The solution supports access to carrier’s PSTN trunks, IP trunks and IMS platforms.
-  Support for various devices is available, including analog phones, fax machines, IP phones, mobile phones/computer extensions, and video phones.
-  Telephone cabling is not required for work stations, as a corporate LAN and the Internet is used to deploy IP phones or mobile phone extensions.
-  It provides an easy-to-operate and user-friendly graphic webpage configuration interface.

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