Telephone Deployment for Multiple On-Campus Buildings

Large corporations, schools, and hospitals usually possess their own campus with various buildings erected on. Employees in different job positions at different departments are stationed in various buildings. A good phone network becomes the most effective means of communication between employees on such campuses.

Traditionally speaking, on-campus telephone deployment often faces the following shortcomings:
-  The large space between buildings on a huge campus requires large cable connection, thus incurring a high setup cost and long deployment hours;
-  Employees in certain job positions that require frequent campus tour are unable to receive calls over their desk phone extension;
-  Inability to connect with various service management systems of an enterprise (e.g. the dispatch system).

The New Rock campus telephone solution fully taps into the network resources of an entity (including optical fibers/network cables/Wi-Fi). In addition to satisfying daily communication needs, the telephone network can be integrated with other services using the IP voice technology. This effectively reduces the deployment cost, enhances the flexibility and maintainability of the communication system architecture, and helps an entity upgrade its IP-enabled communication system.

Telephone Deployment for Multiple On-Campus Buildings

Rich services and interfaces
- Services, such as audio, video, conferencing, recording, and mobile extensions, are available.
- Connection to carriers is established through analog/digital trunk ports and SIP/IMS lines.
- The mobile phone serves as an extension for working anywhere at any time
- Connection to any third-party application system (such as a dispatch system) is supported.

Flexible deployment and simple maintenance
- Distributed IP-based network reduces wiring and setup costs, as well as deployment time.
- Management, operation, and maintenance of equipment can be centralized throughout the network, while batch deployment effectively reduces maintenance load.

Stable, reliable, and secure audio
- High-reliability options including hot-backup, dual power supply, and dual network ports are available.
- A carrier’s IMS audio private network, which can be connected through the ONU, separates audio from data to ensure audio quality and reduce the security risk.

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