Internet of Vehicles

According to the forecast of IDC, the global market will embrace 30 billion Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices by 2020. IoT represents a network that is extended by and expanded from the internet, connecting everything to the internet via the protocols agreed on the information sensing devices. It enables exchange and communication of information for smart identification, location, tracking, monitoring, and management.


The majority of IoT devices use the internet protocols (IP) to provide functional features and information, laying a solid foundation for integrating VoIP with the IoT technology. Therefore, the value of VoIP services will increase in proportion to the IoT development. For example, the synergy between IoT and VoIP applications will advance the innovation of smart homes, the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), smart hotels, and more. The following illustrates IoV:

Solution Package

- Faced with an automotive failure or a traffic accident, the car owner may contact the IoV customer service center via the smart rearview mirror.

- The IoV customer service center will, upon receiving the emergency service request, send contact information about the car dealer or insurer in close proximity to the smart rearview mirror.

- The car owner dials out the contact number, the smart rearview mirror embedded with New Rock softphone app will dial the called number, and the car owner will be put through to the customer service agent of a car dealer or insurer.

- To confirm issues with the car owner, the car dealer or insurer will make a direct call to the IoV customer service center, which will connect such store or insurer to the smart rearview mirror based on the car owner ID.

- Any phone conversation will be recorded as evidence.

Product Values

- When a car owner requests for emergency services, the telephone system accurately connects to the car dealer or insurer in close proximity to ensure timely emergency services.

- Inbound calls are verified by the IoV customer service platform. No unverified calls will be put through to prevent harassment.

- Audio recordings can be retrieved as confirmation of any dispute between the car owner and the car dealer or insurer.

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