Government authorities at various levels, including administrations for industry and commerce, Inland Revenue services, police forces, district attorney’s offices, and courts, require massive internal communication activities. Driven by a growing number of employees amid expanding operations, the existing telephone network will no longer satisfy the operating requirements, such as upgrade of copper cables to fiber optics, mobile offices, phone capacity expansions, and telephone network connected to branch offices. It is therefore urgent and essential to upgrade to the next generation as the existing hardware approaches its maximum service life amid rising maintenance costs.

The New Rock government IP audio solution can satisfy various forms of specific governmental requirements without altering their routine practices or their existing telephone numbers.
- An internal telephone network delivers efficient communications and reduces telecommunication expenses at all levels.
- Telephone numbers for the PSTN, extension, and private network can be customized.
- Emergency incidents can be addressed by telephone conferencing at any time.
- Telephone call recordings effectively help monitor the service quality.
- Land-line phones can be transferred to mobile phones, preventing missed calls.

-Government institutions may select the OM IP-PBX that best suits their operation size (ranging between 20 and 1,000 persons per unit).
-The telephone network can be set up among the IP-PBXs for free-of-charge communications among institutions.
- Audio recording management and multiparty telephone conferencing can be realized under our telephone call recording and telephone conferencing systems.
- Mobile/field officers may set up their mobile office by installing the softphone app.

Product Values

Rich services and interfaces
- IP-enabled services, such as audio, video, fax, conferencing, and recording, can help boost the operating efficiency of various departments through communication and coordination.
- Equipped with computer-based operator consoles, external services establish government and administrative hotlines, such as police hotline services.
- Supports connecting to third-party application systems of the government system, and the secondary development of these third-party systems through API.

Highly reliable, secure, and high performance
- Multilevel redundant backup mechanisms (dual-system hot backup and dual power/network ports)
- Various security protection mechanisms (encryption, white list, and call authorization)
- A single unit contains a maximum of 1,000 extensions, 1,000 trunks, and 200 concurrent calls.

Strongly deployable, maintainable, and easy to scale
- A distributed IP-based network significantly reduces setup costs, maintenance costs, and communication fees.
- Independent nodes ensure normal telephone operation, even when some break down.
- Remote and mobile extensions can prevent missed calls when users are out of the office.
- Network administration, operation and maintenance, and batch configuration can be centralized.

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