How is the pickup rate of on-duty calls boosted from 47% to 90%?

A Phone call represents a conduit for external communications, which could be a potential busyness opportunity or to resolve the customer’s pressing issues.

However, as incomplete statistics suggests, the pickup rate of a customer service center during the office hours is just 93.7%. During statutory holidays, the missed call rate exceeds 50%. Employers cannot help wondering how many customers are lost during non-office hours.

What solution is available to lower the missed call rate?

New Rock Customer Services Department has recently introduced the on-duty switchboard to lower the missed call rate during non-office hours from 53% to10%.

For non-office hours, the on-duty switchboard should:

-  play audio greeting during non-office hours

-  transfer phone calls to on-duty officers

-  set the on-duty roster

The enhanced switchboard of New Rock OM IPPBX product, can help achieve these features.

Super switchboard breaks traditional limitations, as on-duty dates can be set for super switchboard without any operator, fixed office venue or landline phone.

If you or your customers have the following requirements, try super switchboard.

-  No on-duty officer is in the office and no call pickup is available after office hours when the customer calls: set the on-duty switchboard.

-  Different audio greetings are played in different day, such as special offer or premium discount ads for a restaurant: set the Monday-to-Sunday switchboard.

-  Weekend work hours varies from weekday work hours, such as afternoon and evening restaurant service hours on weekends differs from Monday to Friday: set the weekend switchboard.

For more information, contact us at or leave an online message.

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