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Traditional PBX functions are relatively backward, and communication efficiency and service quality cannot meet the needs for unified communication in the financial industry.
New Rock VoIP solution for the financial industry, take New Rock OM series IP-PBX as the core unified communication platform, adopt a unified management platform (UMS) for centralized operation and maintenance of equipment in the system, deploy a one-stop collaborative platform (Newlync) that has meetings, instant message and mobile extension function to realize unified communication in the financial industry.

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Solution Value
  • Telecom-grade Security and Reliability

    · New Rock OM series IP-PBX supports 99.999% carrier-grade reliability and smooth clear calls

    · Based on carrier-grade professional hardware platform, supports dual hot standby (main/standby switching time <5 seconds) and automatic switching of main/standby servers in seconds

  • Distributed Architecture

    ·New Rock IP-PBX provides 20~8000 users and supports up to 800 concurrent calls to meet the communication requirements of different scales

    ·Unified network for headquarters and branches to achieve free dialing for remote branch extensions

  • Strong Scalability and Compatibility

    ·New Rock IP-PBX provides open API interface to support docking with third party application systems (such as call center, CRM, OA, etc.) to achieve business integration and meet digital office requirements, compatible with Huawei, Cisco, Avaya and many other brands of equipment

  • Digital Workspace

    ·One-stop collaborative communication, unified communication, HD audio and video conferencing collaboration office platform NewLync

    ·It can be on-premises deployed to ensure information security, help the financial industry digital transformation

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