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Travel Agency

-Challenge: Each tourism board has a direct telephone line, and it is very inconvenient for visitors to consult the business. Salesmen cannot receive incoming calls after hours, resulting in business outflow

-Solution: Externally, we provide a unified 400 number with multi-level voice navigation, and tourists follow the IVR to select the travel routes they need. Call after transfer to the operator's cell phone

-Customer value: Zero missed calls to improve the corresponding speed of tourists

Express delivery site

-Challenge: Handle all kinds of electronic platforms on the issue of express complaints, about 1400 calls per day, and each call should be recorded

-Solution: Each call is recorded and communication record is  logged, and the recordings are stored on the server for easy access and playback on demand

-Customer value: Retain recordings and communication records for easy forensics


-Challenge: The same customer call may be received by multiple agents, often resulting in repetitive inquiries and low customer satisfaction

-Solution: Each agent can bind their own VIP customers, and when a VIP calls, the agent's computer will pop-up the call displays the customer's identity and the contents of the previous call note

-Customer value: Improve call response rate and customer satisfaction

Property management

-Challenge: Be the first to identify business owners and respond to their needs, with a high turnover of salesmen and frequent training of newcomers

-Solution: Import a list of business owners and display their information on a pop-up screen when they call; convert recordings to text for quick access to call contents, and also facilitate self-learning training for newcomers

-Customer value: Improve owner satisfaction and corporate training efficiency

Law firm

-Challenge: The client calls and communicates for a long time, need to record the note manually, need to record as legal evidence

-Solution: Randomly record the key points said by the client and witnesses during the call to generate sticky notes, or make instant recordings of key points

-Customer value: Provide audio recording and communication records for easy forensics

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