NeeHau™ introduces contact allocation and satisfaction rating
Update Time:2019-11-07

NeeHau™ SoftConsole client integrates with call audio recordings, customer management, and office automation, which helps achieve smart telephone management. What new features are added to our latest version of NeeHau™ SoftConsole client?


1. Centralized import and allocation of contacts

The administrator may centralized import and allocation of contact details, which is more convenient.


2. Real-time satisfaction rating

If *88 is pressed before the phone is hung up, the customer hears the audio message: press 1 for satisfied; press 2 for acceptable and press 3 for unsatisfied.


3. More data classification details to increase value

The screening process is included to telephone statistics, which includes customer name (or phone number, if the name is not available), inbound/outbound calls and conversation length.

To improve the user-friendly login, NeeHau™ SoftConsole client uses the “account number + password”. The account number is the extension number, and the default password is the PIN of the extension. After logging on by the default password, the call center agent may change the password. If the password is forgotten, it can be recovered by the administrator.

The latest version of NeeHau™ is available on our website for download. Please use the latest version of OM20G/OM50G/OM80E.

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