New Rock Channel Partner Program

Benefits as an Authorized Distributor

- Listed on New Rock company website

- Lowest distributor prices in the country/region

- Direct contact to New Rock’s Global Support team

- R&D support in critical projects

- Favorable payment schedule

- Marketing incentive program

- Remote and on-site training

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3-Steps to Becoming a Distribution Partner

Step 1:Application

1. Applicant submits Customer Profile Form

2. New Rock reviews the form in 5 working days and further information may be required

Note: An application could be turned down for the following reasons,

a. There are already New Rock certified distribution partners in the country/region

b. The country/region is not within New Rock’s overseas market-development scope

c. The applicant does not fit our distributor profile

Step 2: Trial Period

The main purpose of this step is for both companies to understand each other better through pilot installations, including the quality of the products, market potential, applicant’s marketing capability, product-localization issues, and competitive landscape.

1.Getting familiar with New Rock products and their basic installation and configuration and pass the entry-level technical support certification. New Rock will provide related training videos and documents

2. Completion of 6-10 customer installations within six months. New Rock will provide the products at distributor prices

3. Applicant reports the details of each installation, including customer category, site plan, key applications and features, any issue raised, customer-satisfactory survey, and suggestion for improvements

4. Getting familiar with New Rock Support Procedures and Issue Escalation Procedures

Step 3: Finalizing the Distribution Partnership

1. A full review of the trial by both sides

2. Executing the distributor agreement if both sides want to formalize the partnership

3. Releasing the authorized distributor certificates

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