With the rapid growth of fiber network deployments, operators around the world have started to actively promote "copper retirement", and push the migration of the users on legacy PSTN (including 30B+D lines) to IMS platforms.
In the context of the 30B+D(ISDN) migration, existing legacy digital PABX (e.g. Nortel, Siemens) can only connect to telecom or mobile IMS platforms via SIP trunks, and these systems, which have been in use for more than 5 to 10 years, usually only support ISDN 30B+D interfaces. In addition, when business users apply for external line expansion, an increasing number of operators will only provide SIP trunking resources.
For operators, ITSP, and system integrators, this is a challenge but also brings the opportunity to smoothly transition original enterprise telephony systems toward unified communications.
With 1/2/4 E1 interfaces, 512 SIP trunk accounts, dual power supply, and dual network port redundancy, New Rock Digital Trunk Gateway OM1000-TE, can provide a reliable solution for 30B+D devices to access operators' IMS platforms.

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