With the rapid growth of fiber access deployments, operators around the world have started to actively promote "copper retirement" - the migration of subscribers on legacy PSTNs (including 30B+D lines) to IMS platforms.
In the context of the 30B+D migration, existing legacy telephone exchanges (e.g. Nortel, Siemens) can only connect to telecom or mobile IMS platforms via SIP trunks, and these systems, which have been in use for more than 5 to 10 years, usually only support ISDN 30B+D interfaces. In addition, when business users apply for external line expansion, an increasing number of operators will only provide SIP trunking resources.
For operators, private carriers, and system integrators, this is a major challenge, but also an opportunity to smoothly transition enterprise telephony systems towards converged communications. With features such as support for 1/2/4 E1 interfaces, 512 SIP trunk account registrations and dual power supply and dual network port redundancy, the New Rock Digital Trunking Gateway MX100G can provide a reliable solution for 30B+D devices to access operators' IMS platforms.

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