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Since the establishment in 2003, New Rock has always been focusing on R&D, adhering to independent innovation, providing future oriented unified communication products and services for telecom operators, governments, enterprises and industry customers.

New Rock dedicate to build a barrier free future.

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UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) is empowering SMEs to make the transition to hybrid working. SME hybrid workers can engage with customers by chat, meeting, call on one platform, from multiple devices, increasing productivity and saving unnecessary costs. New Rock IP telephony system OM IP PBX and NewLync provide SME a one-stop office unified communication platform.

Hospitality VoIP

Using a VoIP system to replace the plain old PABX system, can save the hotel IT a huge maintenance cost, improve internal and external communication efficiency, and bring a better customer experience. With the OM series IP PBX and MX series VoIP gateways, New Rock provides solutions for the hospitality industry, from large resorts, luxury hotels to chain hotels and small hotels.

Finance VoIP

Finance communication systems require high performance, strict data correctness, extreme resilience, and ease to scale up or down.
New Rock large-size OM8000 IP PBX is license controlled with a max of 8000 users and 800 concurrent calls. The dual ethernet port and power module redundancy with HA, are able to provide a multi-feature unified communication system for large financial institutions and sub-remote branches.

UCaaS for Service Provider

New Rock's digital communication and collaboration platform, NewLync, can help SP leverages its existing resources, i.e., enterprise customer base, telecom numbers, cloud infrastructure, and operations. Using the success-based UCaaS partnership model, SP will see revenue growth, brand value strengthened, and improved enterprise customer loyalty with no new investment.

Customer Stories

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New Rock Builds Efficient VoIP System
for Greenland Hotel

New Rock PMSI, support docking to various hotel PMS

Full IP deployment, easy installation and maintenance

24/7 IVR, automatic transfer of customer calls

Highly reliable system and high concurrent calls

New Rock Highly Reliable Unified Communication System
for Public Fund

Replace the original Avaya PBX to solve the system frequent breakdowns

Facilitate internal communication and external communication, multi-site networking for device unified management

Stable and reliable call recording, meet the law and regulation for the financial industry

License controlled smooth expansion

New Rock Deploys 3000 Extensions
for Sino-pec's 10-mile Oil City

Highly reliable communication system, guarantee 0 voice interruption

Docking with Sino-pec business system with open API

Effectively reduce the deployment cost and improve system flexibility 

Efficient operation and maintenance, smart and simple management

Easy to deploy and expand, protect original device investment

Energy saving and environmental protection

New Rock OM8000 IP PBX Provides Efficient
VoIP Communication to Hospital In Pandemic

Dedicated IP phone for reception to improve call processing efficiency

IP-based deployment, easy operation and maintenance management

Highly reliable call communication guarantee

New Rock Builds Unified Communication System
for Tax Bureau

Highly concurrent call IP telephony system with stability and reliability

Flexible expansion, convenient operation and maintenance

Highly reliable recording of external calls to meet digital government requirement

New Rock Helps City Court to Work Efficiently
at Multi-Level Sites

Multi-site networking IP telephony system

Each staff has a unique extension or efficient internal and external communication

External service hotline call are recorded and can be traced to enhance judicial credibility

Empowering the construction of digital courts


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