NEC Hotel Upgrade Solution

With NEC's recent announcement regarding their exit from the PBX on-premise market, it's essential to consider your options in Hotel Upgrade Plan.
New Rock aim to address the evolving needs of the hospitality industry by incorporating advanced technological solutions and seamless connectivity. Our plan highlights the following critical requirements:.
Seamless Connection to Local Carrier IMS/PSTN: Ensures reliable communication and connectivity with local carriers..
Reliable Failover Functions: Maintains uninterrupted service even during system failures..
PMSI Hotel Functions: Streamlines hotel operations with integrated Property Management System Interface (PMSI)..
Multi-Building Networking: Supports large-scale properties with robust networking capabilities..
Integration with PMS Hotel Management System: Enhances operational efficiency through seamless integration..
Scalable Extensions: Accommodates future growth and expansion needs..
AI Ecosystem: Enhances guest experiences and operational efficiency with advanced AI technologies..

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Solution Value
  • Seamlessly Migration

    ·New Rock renovation plan ensures "convenient construction and rapid migration", allowing hotels to swiftly upgrade their infrastructure with minimal disruption to operations, thereby achieving faster deployment and SeamlesslyMigrate to the New Rock Platform.

  • ExtensiveFeature Set

    ·The transformation value of our solution is underscored by its extensive array of terminals, gateways, and IP PBX systems. This comprehensive feature set not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures seamless integration and scalability, catering perfectly to the diverse needs of modern hotel infrastructures

  • Enhanced UC Features

    ·NewLync sets a new standard with its integrated suite of instant messaging, audio/video conferencing, and mobile extensions. This robust functionality not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures a modern and intuitive user experience throughout the hotel environment, facilitating smoother guest services and staff collaborations.

  • High Availability and Reliability

    · Given the high volume of operations day and night in a hotel setting, ensuring stability and reliability of the IP PBX system is crucial. New Rock's IP PBX solutions are known for their stable and highly reliable features, supporting uninterrupted communication and operational efficiency throughout the hotel.

Solution Features
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