Assisted Living

The assisted living industry is seeking the cloud PBX solution to get rid of the outdated PABX system. The cloud/hosted PBX service can improve the end-user experience while also improving service efficiency and reducing overall operating costs.
At the same time, they can still keep use get the original analog devices or digital PABX, with the New Rock MX series VoIP gateways, the assisted living industry can keep the landlines and make a seamless migration to the cloud PBX
Take SIP stations for 10 staff extensions as an example
SIP Trunk with 4 stations for OM200G IP PBX, covering 200 room extensions, 50:1 subscription ratio.
Deploy OM200G IP PBX with 48FXS portts, and MX series VoIP Gateways for 200 analog extensions in each room.
Only need to pay for 4 SIP stations per month.
All VoIP features remain the same.

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Solution Value
  • Easy to Migrate, Save Time and Labor Cost

    · Reduces installation complexity with drop-in replacement of outdated PBX connections to each room and extension

    · Save extra cost on cable

    · Increases wiring reliability by eliminating intermediate cable adaptors

  • Keep and Utilize the Analog Phones

    · When migrating to a cloud PBX system, hotels can use the VoIP gateway to preserve their old analog phone system and protect their initial investment

  • Simplify the Stock Plan and Reduce Stranded Inventory

    · Simplify procurement planning

    · Reduces stranded inventory and lower support cost with field replaceable line card

  • Flexible Purchase and Management

    · IT Engineers can choose different sizes of MX series VoIP gateway based on the current number of extensions

    · For the future expansion, they can add more port with the modular design capacity

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