Indonesia NAT Networking with OM50G

Customer background

Boat company A is located in Indonesia, with one head-office and a branch on the a remote island, the old PABX they current using is out date and cause malfunction for daily communications, the company was seeking a solution that could utilize the current numbers and devices but totally upgrade to VoIP system without change the current user habits. What's more, they want to connect to the remote brach to reduce internal communication costs.

System requirement

Keep the original devices

The company is using a PABX and a batch of analog phones, the upgrade system need to connect with the old system while migrate to the VoIP service.

Network with remote branches

The head-office and branch has large volume daily phone and meeting communications, the company wants the VoIP system to bring the branch system in the same network.

Enable mobile softphone

With the staff need to visit customer or do on-site installation and maintenance, the company what the solution to has mobile soft-phone to enable them to call from wherever they are working.

New Rock Solution

1.Deploy OM50G IP PBX in the head office with 6 FXS and 6 FXO port, deploy 1 set of OM50G in the remote branch, use the New Rock NAT Traversal for multi-site networking which not require fixed public IP address.

2.Use SIP trunk connect to the Panasonic PBX, and FXO port connect to the Indonesia Telecom, old analog phones, and original PABX, IP phones register to OM50G IP PBX in the head-office server.

3.Staff extension register on OM50G IP PBX and connect with the NewLync account to enable mobile extension. Enable users to call from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Solution Features

Multi-site Networking

OM50G IP PBX has embedded multi-site networking functions, for customer who has no fixed public address, the NAT TRAVERSAL SERVICE ables the networking between the OM devices in different locations, help customers to lower the call cost in multi-sites.

High Compatibility

OM50G comes up with different FXS+FXO port combinations,






support connect with multi-brands of devices through SIP Trunk.


With future expansion or modification on the extension, users only need to add new device on the current OM IP PBX, with out changing the whole setting and interference current communication system.

Customer Values

Keep original investment

OM50G is inter connectable with multi platforms and devices with SIP Trunk, without re-purchase new phone devices, save on the original investment.

Multi-site networking for cost down

Multi OM50G IP PBX can be multi-site networking with New Rock NAT Traversal service, turn long distance calls in to local call, cost down on the internal communication costs.

Mobile working

With connect the staff extension with NewLync account, the app on the phone turns into a soft-phone, no more missed calls for the on-site staff.


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