IMS Access with OM1000-TE

The New Rock Digital Trunk Gateway (TG) MX100G-S (OM1000-TE), which supports 1/2/4 E1 interfaces, 512 SIP trunking account for registration, power redundancy, and network port redundancy, provides a quality solution for the 30B+D equipment to access the operators’ IMS platform.

Call centers have gradually been accepted worldwide and started to be used for various business activities such as customer service, telemarketing, and technical support, and gradually formed a large-scale call center industry.

For SMEs whether outsourcing or self-built a call center, the price is always an obstacle. How to cross the price gap so SMEs can have an economical and practical call center?
New Rock would like to share a case study of an entry-level call center for SMEs with you.
Case Study
A small booking service company in Shanghai has only 4 service staff, and its business mainly relies on the 400 customer service number, which can only have simple inbound and outbound calls and cannot meet the customer's needs of incoming calls and call recording; at the same time, the 3 landlines provided by the building property management cannot meet the customer's current and future expansion needs.

Under this scenario, we recommend our customers to use the OM20G IP PBX with NeeHau™ Business Soft-console.

Use OM20G IP-PBX to register directly to the carrier's  PSTN through VoIP, solving the problem of insufficient landlines and eliminating the trouble of having phone lines from the property.
Service staff analog phones are connected to the analog port of OM20G IP-PBX, providing features, such as down-selection, round-selection, and group call vibration, to assign incoming calls to customer service staff.
OM20G IP-PBX has a built-in Neehau server module, which provides basic call center functions such as customer contact book, call recording, and recording management. Customer service staff can see the call pop-up, click on the contact book to make a call, and check the caller records.
If the client has more than 20 employees, it is recommended to use a larger capacity IP PBX, such as OM50G, OM80E.

The solution is suitable for many small businesses that rely on the telephone for services such as
1.Ticket booking
2.Real estate agents
3.Logistics delivery store
4.Fast food delivery
5.Insurance business locations
6.Education chains

1.Cost-effective, all-in-one IP PBX is easy to install.
2.Convenient and practical. Neehau soft console provides recording management,  note recording, click-to-dial, call pop-up, automatic reminder, and other practical functions.
3.Docking to IP Phone breaks the limitation of line resources and enjoy cost reduce on-call bills.
4.Low cost of future expansion.

5.The New Rock OM1000-TE digital trunk gateway is deployed to an enterprise’s 30B+D telephone system, converting the 30B+D protocol into SIP trunking.

6.The gateway’s E1 port is connected to the enterprise’s digital PABX, with the network port connected to the LAN’s router.
7.The operator will transfer telephone numbers from the original PSTN network to the IMS platform. All inbound calls will be relayed from the IMS platform through the IP network to the enterprises’ LAN, and the OM1000-TE will convert them into 30B+D signals that are compatible to the enterprise’s telephone system


This solution supports registration of 512 SIP accounts, and can be linked to multiple 30B+D telephone systems.

Automatic reconnection to 30B+D Layer 2 link is available.

High performance

A wide range of full concurrent audio encoding and decoding is available.

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