OM200G IP PBX for Africa Stadium Modern IP Telephony System

About Customer

As one of the main stadiums for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations, the San Pedro Stadium in cote d'ivoire is the largest and most modern stadium in West Africa. The stadium covers a total area of 160,800m², with a total construction area of 20,348.6m² and three levels above ground and can accommodate 20,000 spectators at the same time.

Project Requirement

1.Number of analog extensions: 204

2.Number of IP extensions: 200

3.Disaster recovery and failover capability to ensure basic communication functions.

4.Smooth expansion for future venue development.

New Rock Product

1.1 OM200G-60FXS/36FXO IP PBX

2.1 MX120G-96S VoIP Gateway

3.1 MX60E-48S VoIP Gateway

4.NRP1212 IP Phone

Solution Features

1. Advanced
The simple wiring feature of the VoIP solution reduces the overall cost in labor and hardware, and the OM IP PBX comes with FXS for connecting to analog terminals and FXO for connecting to PSTN, and compatible with mainstream operator IMS platforms.
2. Reliability
The MX120G VoIP Gateway, OM200G IP PBX can be configured with dual power supplies and dual network port redundancy.
99.999% of carrier-grade hardware equipment is stable and easy to maintain, providing a reliable means for power or network failover.
3. Scalable
OM200G IP PBX can be configured with up to 96 FXS/FXO and a maximum of 900 IP extensions for future expansion.

Solution Value
1. Ensure smooth communication capability coverage in the stadium to ensure normal communication in the security, engineering, broadcasting department, and other staff.
2. The system can be expanded at any time, without affecting other users.
3. Batch configuration of NRP IP Phones, quick deployment of MX series gateways, and OM IP PBX.


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