When it comes to hospital size, there are three classifications small clinics or labs, medium hospitals, and large hospitals.
Choosing an efficient and stable VoIP system can help enhance hospital operation efficiency and provide better patient care service.
Requirements of hospitals VoIP system
1. 24/7 Multi-level IVR to provide better service to the patients
2. Free internal VoIP phone call
3. Quick to deploy and maintain
4. Multi add-on features, call recording, video conferences, etc
5. High reliable system with dual power supply, and dual network supply for emergency failover.
6. User-friendly GUI, Easy to maintain and manage
7. The IT department can manage hundreds of devices from the unified management system(UMS)

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Solution Value
  • Telecom-Grade Security and Reliability

    · OM series IP-PBX supports 99.999% carrier-grade reliability and HD call quality

    · Minimize system down time by main/standby switching time <5 seconds

  • Distributed Network Architecture

    ·Networking among hospital buildings

    ·SIP based system, enable quick and easy IP extension registration

  • Scalability and Compatibility

    ·Open API support docking with hospital patient care system, alarm system call center, etc.

    ·Compatible with the existing PABX system, Huawei, Cisco, Avaya for capacity expansion

  • Digital and Smart Hospital Administration Office

    ·Support IM, audio and video conferencing, and mobile extensions for digital hospital transformation

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