Avaya CM

An enterprise's existing network is using Avaya CM , due to business needs now needs to upgrade the original voice communication system.
Construction requirements.
1. The new system has the capacity of 6,000 extensions, a max of 500 call concurrency,in future the system can be smoothly expanded.
2. System transformation covering Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen three centers.
3. The system needs to provide a billing system, phone bill inquiries/reminders, stop/resume the phone, and other functions.
4. It needs to support unified network management.
5. It needs to support the function of the enterprise contact book.
6. The system needs to support centralized management of the call recording, a recording system with high reliability.
7. The system needs to support dual hot standby and reach the telecom operation level standard in terms of performance, reliability, and security.
Program introduction.
-Deploy OM8000 IP PBX, the system is deployed in dual hot standby mode, bearing the user access of Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen three centers, while OM8000 is docked with Avaya CM through SIP TRUNK to realize the interconnection of the old and new systems in the transition phase.
-Deploy two sets of recording management systems, with the system deployed in dual master mode to meet the demand for highly reliable telephone recording.
-Deploy 1 set of OM-CAS billing systems, with real-time call record statistics, providing call inquiry/reminder, stop/resume, and other functions.
-Deploy OM1000-TE digital trunk gateway to connect to PSTN.
-Deploy New Rock unified management platforms (UMS), which support large screen display for operation and maintenance, real-time
monitoring of equipment operation status, providing smart and simple equipment management, and reducing operation and maintenance costs.

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Soluiton Value
  • 99.999% Telecom-grade Reliability

    · By deploying New Rock OM8000 IP PBX unified communication platform as the core of component, the system supports dual machine hot standby

  • Professional Recording Management

    · Provide call recording data reports  through New Rock recording management system

  • Control of Specific Position Call Authority and Cost

    · New Rock CAS billing management system can control the authority of the specified users

  • UMS for Unified Device Management

    · Enable system equipment unified management, monitoring and alerting of equipment default

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