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Data from the National Committee on Aging shows that China has entered a stage of rapid aging, and the national elderly population will increase from 212 million to 418 million in the next 20 years. Among them, 96% of the elderly use home care, and the number of empty nesters has exceeded 100 million.

The home care service management system built by the New Rock technology and its partners uses advanced audio and video communication technology and health monitoring technology to provide telephone consultation, emergency assistance, health monitoring and remote monitoring services for the elderly.

1.One-click video call

The elderly can make real-time video calls with their children and communicate face-to-face.

2.One-touch emergency phone call

The elderly do not need to dial the number, they can ask for help according to the set shortcut keys, and the service center telephone extension, computer seat end and cell phone client can answer, and the client can realize the automatic pop-up screen for incoming calls.

3.Telephone recording, quality control monitoring

All incoming calls from the elderly can be recorded in real time and can be checked and played back at any time.

4.Health and safety information sharing

Health records such as blood pressure, blood sugar and body temperature of the elderly are managed, and through information sharing, the elderly family members can also view relevant records and reports through the client, and view the elderly positioning information and video surveillance at home in real time.

Solution Value
1.Face-to-face video communication for more peace of mind for children
2.Protect the elderly from commercial and fraudulent calls
3.Seniors can quickly access daily life services, emergency assistance, telemedicine and other services

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