Africa Airport High Reliable VoIP System

Customer Background

The N international Airport, locate in the third largest city in a north-central African country, is a civilian-military complex that provides air services to the city and its surrounding areas.

The airport is located at an altitude of 1270 meters (4167 feet) and operates regular domestic and international passenger and cargo traffic to Johannesburg, Addis Ababa,Nairobi, Lusaka, Mansa, and Solwezi, etc.

Project Requirement

With approximately 1000 airport service staff, their existing call system was failing frequently, affecting the airport's daily operational communications. The airport wanted to deploy astable, reliable VoIP system with high concurrency on top of the existing analog system.

New Rock Solution

Airport Server Room

1.Deploying OM1000-UC IP-PBX platform as the core equipment of airport office voice communication system, providing internal analog phone and IP phone registration, routing, call control, call transfer, call protection, emergency insertion, simultaneous vibration, multi-level authority and other service capabilities.

2.Deploying OM1000-TE digital trunk gateway, connect to  telecom operators through E1 trunk, connects to OM1000-UC IP PBX through SIP to carry in/out phone call services.

3.Deploy MX series VoIP gateways (FXO)  according to the analog phone capacity.

4.NewRock telephone recording management system (RMS) is deployed for real-time recording of extensions in the communication system, providing call recording and recording query management.

5.Deploy a set of equipment unified management system (UMS) for the unified management and remote operation and maintenance of OM series IP-PBX and MX series VoIP gateways that deployed in the communication system.

6.Deploy a billing system to achieve internal IP extension billing, call statistics, account open and close functions.

Each Floor/Office Area

1.Deploy MX120G and MX60E high-performance VoIP gateways respectively according to the designed capacity. The VoIP gateways are connected and registered to OM1000-UC IP PBX and is connected to analog cables to connect to desktop analog telephones.

2. Yealink series IP phones/video phones are deployed on each floor/office area according to the demand, which are connected and registered to the OM1000-UC to provide desktop phone access.


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