Indonesia & Singapore NAT Networking

With the rapid development of transportation, logistics, and the Internet, more and more enterprises are expanding their business from local to worldwide. How to build a multi-site phone system with easy deployment and lower cost is important!
Company A is headquartered in Singapore and has more than a dozen subsidiaries in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia to provide services in local markets.
In addition to daily phone communication, the head office also needs to collect and manage all the call records and call recordings of all subsidiaries by a unified solution.
New Rock's headquarters-branch telephone networking and unified management solution adopt a "distributed deployment, centralized management" architecture to achieve centralized telephone management and remote maintenance of equipment.

System Requests
---Interconnection of multinational subsidiaries' telephone systems with headquarters, converting international long-distance calls into stable VoIP network calls.
---Recordings and call records of subsidiary's telephones can be managed
---Field staff can make mobile communication
---Support batch deployment/configuration, fault alerting, etc., without the need to allocate operation and maintenance personnel for subsidiaries
---Subsidiary company size scale within 100 people
---Provide customer information management, call pop-up screen, call notes, local caching of call recordings, recording to text, statistical reports and other functions
---No public IP, dynamic domain name, VPN, easy deployment
---Expand the scale of subsidiaries on demand without affecting the normal use of existing subsidiary analog telephone systems.

New Rock Solution
1.Deploy OM80E IP PBX
2.Deploy MX60E analog VoIP gateway in the office to utilize the legacy analog phones
3.Deploy NRP IP Phones for different department
4.Deploy NewLync UC app for remote staff and  on-site staff

5.NAT Traversal service for cross-national multisite networking

Customer value
1.Rapid interfacing for effective communication between headquarters and branches
2.Multi-site networking through traversal service, saving high international call costs
3.Save deployment and operation and maintenance costs between headquarters and branches
4.Uniform call records and recordings can be managed
5.Unified number to enhance corporate image

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