OM1000-UC for Egypt Large Resort

H resort group build a new resort hotel in the prime location of Egypt, with 600 rooms and suites, 100 hotel staff, a total of 700 extensions, scattered in 300m beach by the red sea.
The hotel rooms are equipped with satellite TV, mini bar, providing high quality accommodations for travelers.

With hotel room in large beach with multiple building and multiple floors, hotel was searching a way to simplify the wiring, and an efficient way to build a unified communication solution for resort.

Customer Requirement
1. Access to the local carrier IMS
2. Provide failover function to guarantee the hotel communication
3. All IP Phone deployment
4. Batch configuration and deployment
5. PMS connection
6. Multi-building networking
7. Easy to expand extensions in the future

8. Reception call recording

New Rock solution
1. Deploy OM1000-UC IP PBX with initial 700 extension license connect to the PSTN.
2. Deploy about 600 set entry level NRP IP Phone in hotel suits, and the hotel reception, and operation staff.
3. Access to New Rock cloud platform for remote configuration and deployment.
4. Use New Rock PMS middleware (PMSI) for connect to the hotel PMS, to enable the wakeup call, mini bar billing.

5. Use New Rock recording agent for call recording collection and management for hotel reception service calls.

Customer Value
1. Compared to the cooper wiring and analog phone system,New Rock IP telephony solution come with more call features, provide better customer experience for resort travelers, and can save great labor and time cost during the deployment process.
2. OM1000-UC with license control is expandable to max 1000 extensions and 1000 SIP trunk, for future system up or down, no interrupt on the current user habits.
3. NRP IP Phone with plug and play on OM IP PBX, after the NRP phone with internet connection and powered, input PIN included in the quick installation guide, on the hotel OM1000-UC IP PBX, users can quickly configuration the room extension settings, support multi-language, customized welcome message.

4. OM1000-UC IP PBX with dual network port and dual power redundancy, highly reliable for large resorts IP telephony system.


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