As multi-service operators(MSO/MSP) gradually become mainstream, telecom operators have provided their customers with optical network unit (ONU) modems that incorporate various services, including broadband internet access, corporate interconnection, voice and network video, and more.
As a result, besides the network port for local maintenance and registration of IP terminals, a network port for audio equipment connecting to the ONU, is necessary, which can be registered on the operator’s IMS platform.
The New Rock OM series IP PBX and MX series of VoIP gateways, both of which support dual network ports, can therefore meet the above requirements.
Network port 1: Connected to ONU. It is assigned to a dedicated IP address with an audio VLAN tag, and therefore directly registered with the operator’s IMS audio platform.
Network port 2: Connected to LAN. It is used for local maintenance and registration of local IP terminals, and also remote access to the device from external networks and network administrator systems.

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