OM8000 for Car IOT

5G brings opportunities for the Internet of Vehicles development, and the intensive release of industrial policies accelerates the landing of IoV project.Most IoT devices use Internet Protocol (IP) to provide functions and information. At this point, VoIP and IoT technologies have a basis for integration. As the IoT application grows, the value of VoIP services will continue to expand.
In this wave, China Telecom increases its strategic layout and joins hands with New Rock IOV solution to enable E-Call, B-Call and I-Call capabilities through VoIP applications.

For example, loT and VoIP synergy will drive the development of a series of new applications such as smart homes, smart cars, and smart hotels. The following is an example of Internet of Vehicles.New Rock IOV solution helps Tianyi, a subsidiary of  China Telecom, accelerate its IoT strategy landing.

New Rock IoT Solution

1.When a vehicle malfunction or traffic accident occurs, the vehicle owner contacts the Internet of Vehicles customer service center through the car rearview mirror terminal. When the service center receives the request for help and then actively provides a phone number of the nearest auto 4S store or insurance company to the car rearview mirror.
2.The car owner chooses whether to make the call on this number according to his needs.
3.When the car owner chooses to make the call, the car rearview mirror dials the designated called number through the embedded soft-phone console WeWei; the car 4S store or insurance company customer service department will receives the distress call and connects to the car owner's phone.
4.When the auto 4S store or insurance company has a problem and needs to confirm with the car owner, they can call the Internet of Vehicles customer service center number directly, and the car service center will transfer the call to the corresponding car rearview mirror terminal according to the car owner ID ; the car rearview mirror terminal will receive the call and connects the call to the car owner.

5.Any call will be recorded as evidence with New Rock recording management software.

Solution Value

1.The car owner could dial a call quickly and easily ask for help.

2.The call is precisely sent to the nearest auto 4S store or insurance company to quickly achieve rescue.

3.Inbound calls must be authenticated by the platform, and non-authenticated calls cannot be connected, preventing car owners from being harassed.

4.When a car owner has a dispute with a 4S store or insurance company, the recording can be retrieved for confirmation.

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