The MX60E-SC is a VoIP gateway built specifically for the enterprise office telephony market. As an integral part of the enterprise unified communication solution, MX60E-SC adopts standard SIP and IMS protocols and can connect to the operator's IMS unified communication platform or enterprise IP phone system (IP-PBX) directly through the network. At the same time, it provides 16/32/48 FXS interfaces to connect ordinary telephones and fax machines, helping enterprises to realize the conversion of office telephony from analog to VoIP. The MX60E-SC inherits the MX60E's flexible configuration and reliable and durable features, but with higher cost performance, further helping enterprises to transition from office telephony to voice-over IP

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Product description

· Number of voice interfaces (FXS port): 48
· Number of SIP/IMS registered accounts: 48
· Number of concurrent calls G.711 voice code: 32
· Number of concurrent calls G.729A G.711 voice code : 16

Product features

  • More competitive price in the office telephony market

  • Compatible with major operators IMS platform

  • Compatible with Huawei, New Rock and other brands and open source IP-PBX

  • Support cloud remote management and centralized operation and maintenance

  • Support call recording

  • Support T.38 V3 high-speed fax

  • Simple and intuitive user configuration interface

1、Click the “Demo" button, or type the address in your browser:
2、Select the user login identity: operator
3、Enter the login password: gateway1
4、Enter the verification code, click "Login"

Model Comparison

Market segment Unified Communications Industry-wide (Full concurrency) Enterprise Office IP Telephony(Cost effective)
Max concurrent users(FXS) 48 48
Max Trunk(FXO) 48 32
MAX SIP/IMS accounts 48 48
Codecs G.711、G.729A、G.723.1、GSM、iLBC G.722.2*(VoLTE)、G.711、G.729A
Max current calls G.711:48
Power DC/AC(Dual power supply optional) DC/AC(No dual power)

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