OM1000-SBC (SX3000)

OM1000-SBC (SX3000), the session border controller, it interconnects voice communication over different IP networks and provides security schemes to protect the network from attacks and the privacy of communications.
As an important component of VoIP deployment, an SBC usually resides between the access network and a backbone network to provide service to residential and/or enterprise customers. OM1000-SBC is specifically designed to reside on the edge of an enterprise/VPN network and perform such functions as access control, firewall and NAT traversal, protocol interworking, data encryption, and management of QoS.

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Product description

· Encryption of signaling and media stream

Supports separate TLS/SRTP encryption/decryption for SIP signaling and media stream.Supports TLS/SRTP encryption. Both TLS and SRTP must be enabled, because SRTP must work with TLS.

· Voice processing

RTP packet forward, firewall traversal, local/remote user NAT traversal service,13 programmable keys, One key to arrive menu, One key to read the phone information,Intelligent search for phonebook, Dial assistant

· Multiple SIP servers

Connections to multiple (up to 5) SIP servers

· Security policies

Access control through IP table, conceal of NAT address, encryption & decryption on signaling and/or voice media streams, blocking calls from untrusted devices, discarding unknown messages, security log file

· Access security

Web access anti-cracking, password complexity check, Telnet/SSH enabling control, Web access whitelist, and Telnet access whitelist

· Web/Telnet whitelist

Support up to 30 whitelists which can be set as host IP address but not network segment.

·Registration and authentication

Support registration and authentication of SIP terminals

· Packet fragmentation

Support fragmentation of signaling packets, with an MTU of 1500 bytes.

Product features

  • Firewall traversal

  • Local/remote user NAT traversal service

  • RTP proxy

  • Encryption and decryption of signaling and voice media streams, including TLS/SRTP

  • Survilance of voice media stream

  • Registration and authentication of SIP terminal

  • Support QoS

  • Support SIP, RTP/RTCP, HTML/HTTP protocols

  • Support MSRP protocol

  • Access control through IP table

  • Inter networking with up to 4 separate networks

  • Surveillance and network failover

  • Status and statistics report with TR069

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