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In recent years, AI technology has started to be applied in various industries, adopting AI voice technology to empower intelligent communication based on VoIP unified communication solutions, has greatly improved the efficiency of various industries.
The New Rock smart hotel communication solution, based on the NewLync SaaS platform, users can flexibly deploy, hotel AI reception IoT smart rooms, NewLync softphone, UMS, and other featured modules for hotels. Empowering smart hotel construction.

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Solution Value
  • Hotel Staff

    · The combination of staff and AI virtual assistant makes answering more efficient.

    · High-frequency standardized response for the guests, reducing duplicated work of employees.

    · The AI virtual assistant can be flexibly deployed during peak and low seasons.

  • Hotel Guests

    · One-click response to the request.

    · Intelligent terminal, everything is connected, build a more convenient and comfortable room.

    · Un-man delivery robot, no contact, more secure.

  • IT Operation and Maintenance

    · Hotel AI virtual assistant is cloud deployment, maintenance-free.

    · UMS platform for unified management of equipment, realize real-time status monitoring.

    · Long-term maintenance is more efficient.

  • Hotel Management

    · Comprehensive cost reduction and efficiency increase, reduce hardware input costs, reduce labor costs.

    · Improve customer service efficiency and staff communication efficiency.

    · Quick system deployment, smooth and stable docking.

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