Huawei U19/USM

A financial group uses Huawei CUCM for the office telephony system.
Deployed Huawei eSpace U1981 at the headquarters, and registered 10000+ IP phones on the platform.
The group has many branches in the country, some of them are deployed Huawei eSpace U1930/U1960, and some are using different brands. Huawei eSpace U19 series products began to stop sales on 2020-12-31, and service stopped after 2021-12-3.
After the cessation of sales and service, the current system expansion and maintenance will face great risks.
Therefore, the group plans to gradually start the replacement and transformation of Huawei equipment, and the subsequent system will be centrally managed by the headquarters.
Customer Requirements
1.The new system has a capacity of 10,000 extensions and 1000 concurrent calls, the future system can be smoothly expanded by license without interrupting of the current system
2. System networking between the headquarters and branches.
3. The system needs to support the unified management of recording, a recording system with high reliability.
4. The system supports voice and video conferencing, and the number of participants in one conference room is not less than 128 parties.
5. Operation and maintenance management system needs to support real-time display of equipment information, call information, monitoring alarms, etc..
6. The system needs to provide office communication and collaboration systems to improve work efficiency and reduce costs.
7. The system needs to support HA and reach the telecom operation level standard in terms of performance, reliability, and security.
Program Description
1. Deploy OMX, the unified communication platform, in clustering mode, and support load balancing. At the same time, OMX is interfaced with Huawei eSpace U1981 through SIP TRUNK to realize the interconnection of old and new systems in the transition phase.
2. Deploy NewLync, in a private cluster mode. NewLync is connected to OMX cloud PBX to realize the mobile extension, online collaboration, audio, and video conferencing with Huawei U1981 and OMX extensions.
3. Deploy two RMS(Recording Management Systems), the system is deployed in dual mater mode to meet the demand for highly reliable telephone recording.
4. Deploy digital trunk gateway OM1000-TE, docking to PSTN.
5. Deploy a New Rock unified management system (UMS), which supports the large screen display for operation and maintenance, real-time monitoring of equipment operation status, providing centralized equipment management, and reducing operation and maintenance costs.

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Solution Value
  • Unified Communication & Collaboration

    · Adopting clustered deployment, with media server supporting load balancing to ensure stable and reliable core system function

  • Distributed Network Architecture

    · The desktop terminal adopts IP/video phones, and the voice network is formed through the internal voice private network, saving the comprehensive wiring cost

  • Data Encryption

    · Meet the needs for confidential meetings

  • Unified Management of the Devices

    · UMS system can realize the unified management, monitoring and alarming of the equipment

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