OM80E for Hotel PABX to VoIP

Customer Background

An independent middle-sized hotel located in Anhui Province, China, with 80 rooms on multi-floors, were using a old PABX system, which has frequent break down, effecting the hotels daily communication and the customer experience. 

The hotel IT requires a new system that allow migrate to the Carrier IMS network, at the same time keep hundreds of original analog phones.

New Rock Solution
1.Deployed an OM80E IP PBX, and MX8G VoIP Gateway, and IP phones for system upgrade
2.Provide multi-level, multi-lingual, personalized voice welcome message to enhance the hotel brand image and improve customer experience
3.Provide integrated hotel voice communication functions such as wake-up call, call recording, and billing
4.Support access to IMS and realize the fiber-optic transformation.
5. Fully utilize original hotel telephone equipment and protect hotel original assets
Customer Value
1.Utilize customers old analog phones, saving investment cost
2.Reduced telephone communication cost
3.Improve the hotel communication efficiency
4.OM80E IP PBX could use for max 216 extensions, easy for the hotel’s future expansion and multi-site networking.

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