New Rock's all-in-one communication & collaboration solution supports max of 400 party HD conferences. The multiple terminal access improves office communication efficiency and helps enterprises create efficient digital workspace .

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Soluiton Value
  • Fast to Start a Meeting

    · Directly initiate a meeting or join a meeting at the user interface

    · Meeting appointment: after the host set up a meeting appointment, participants will receive a meeting reminder and follow the reminder to attend the meeting on time

  • Supreme Audio & Video Quality

    · 400-party HD video conference

    · 400-party high audio quality conference

  • Real-time Access to Meetings

    · Participate can also invite customers through the company's external cell phone into the meeting, improve meeting efficiency.

    · Multi-terminal collaboration, support cell phone, PC, video phone, conference hub, etc. to access the meeting

    · Support Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows systems

  • Multiple Meeting Modes

    · Group meeting: meet the needs of 4-10 parties confidential meeting, using E2EE encryption, to prevent the leakage of meeting data

    · Meeting room: meet the needs of multi-party secure meetings of 10-400 parties, using the (SRTP) encryption

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