Digital Goverment

Under the efforts of the government policy, more and more local governments have started to take the construction of digital government, take effectiveness, to upgrade the modernization of governance communication system and governance business system.

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Solution Value
  • System Stability and Reliability

    · The VoIP system should be safe and stable, and support 7*24 hours uninterrupted service

  • Full IP Deployment

    · The VoIP system needs to support IP-based deployment, the system supports IP/video phone access, supports WEB and other ways to modify the system data, and does not require frequent change when adjusting work stations or adding numbers.

  • Multi Business Functions

    · Support external citation number, IVR navigation, call transfer, fax and other functions

  • Good Compatibility

    · Support standard SIP, RTP, SSTP, TLS and other protocols, and support various brands of telephone terminal access

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