OM80E for Warehouse Telephony

The logistics industry tends to have many distributed delivery stores, and each store’s phone system have two roles at the same time.

Outbound call center

The call volume to contact customers are high, and the quality of outbound calls needs to be supervised.

Customer complaint service center

Mainly to answer customer complaints, need to record a large number of customer communication content and to supervise the quality of service.

Therefore, each store generates a large amount of information data every day. What the headquarters has to do is to centralize the management and have statistical analysis of these information, from which it can dig out customer demand, assess store performance and improve customer satisfaction.
New Rock VoIP solution for logistics industry can well meet the different needs of headquarters and stores.
Distributed Delivery Store
1.Deploy OM20G/50G IP-PBX, connected to operator PSTN/IMS line ,and connect analog/IP phone terminals in the store.

2.High telephone reliability guarantee

 telephone service can run normally in case of power failure and network disconnection.

3.Improve the efficiency of the salesman and customer satisfaction

Sales team computer is installed with Neehau soft console software, with outbound calls, staff can quickly click to dial through the computer; with incoming calls, users can take pop-up reminder of calls that  display customer information, and record important content in real time during the call.

4.Local recording storage

The recording files are stored in the device, which is easy to access on demand. It also provides a basis for salesperson assessment.

5.Easy expansion

Expand new stores on demand, and does not affect the normal use of existing stores.

1.Deploy telephone recording management system(RMS), network management monitoring system(UMS), etc. to centrally manage the recording files and equipment of all stores.
2.No need for public IP/VPN, unified collection of store recordings and call records to monitor marketing behavior and service quality
3.Unified management of all store devices, support for batch deployment/configuration, fault alarms, etc., eliminating the need for stores to deploy operation staff and reducing operation costs

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