PSTN was used for voice services and IP networks for broadband services. Now, as we move into the "all-optical network era", a single fiber-optic cable solves the problem of voice, video, and data services.
The PSTN will gradually phase out from the historical stage.
On the other hand, many enterprises have adopted traditional PBXs for historical reasons, and with the development of their business, they are gradually experiencing difficulties in expansion and are unable to establish a network with their subordinate organizations.
New Rock's unified communication solution supports the retention of the original PBX in the headquarters, and through the enterprise LAN or the Internet, the headquarters and the subordinate organizations' telephone systems can be networked with VoIP.
This not only protects the original fixed asset investment but also provides new VoIP communication functions. This includes mobile extensions, Internet telephony (SIP trunking), small call centers, NAT traversal services, etc.

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Soluiton Value
  • Keep the Original PABX

    · Compatible with Panasonic TDA100 analog-only PBX and is compatible with Huawei, Cisco, Avaya and many other brands of equipment and systems to achieve a smooth transition of interconnection.

  • Distributed Network Architecture

    ·MX series VoIP gateway with FXO can dock with S Port on the PABX.

    ·For the remote extension, the user can deploy an HX4G VoIP gateway to connect to the headquarter of MX8G to realize a remote connection and multi-site networking.

    ·UMS for centralized operation and maintenance management.

  • Smooth Transformation

    ·The connection between the head office and the remote office is built without spending too much replacing the whole system.

  • Meet Future Development Needs

    ·Support migrate to the cloud/host PBX.

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