OM8000 For A Fortune 500

Large enterprises with multi branches always want to seek more efficient and smooth communications with their customers and co-workers. To achieve a more high level of efficient communication and coordination, Cedar Holdings, an enterprise holding 2 public trading companies and a Fortune 500, requires more than 5000 extensions to support the unified communication for the group. Cedar decided to migrate to a resilient IP system. The transition from analog phone to VoIP was smooth. New Rock made high-level coordination easier than ever.


Cedar Holding has many branches and sub-companies scattered in Guangzhou, China, which requires more than 5000 extensions to support the unified communication for the group.


All-IP deployment for a group company telephone system. New Rock IP-PBX OM8000 IP PBX host supports system redundancy and back-up, which providing a high-reliability guarantee for 5000 lines.

1.Deploy a digital trunk gateway OM1000-TE for 30B+D(ISDN) access, which can convert ISDN digital signal into IP signal to meet the demand of 12 E1 accesses.
2.Deploy RMS for real-time recording on extensions in the group phone network. The server of the recording management system adopts RAID10, and a set of NAS network storage servers is deployed for backup of recording files.
3.Deploy New Rock Unified Management System (UMS) for unified monitoring and centralized operation and maintenance of network-wide equipment.
4.Deployment of OM-meeting PE teleconferencing system for teleconferencing and management.

5.Deployment of the custom-developed version of the Neehau soft console to improve connection efficiency.

New Rock OM Series IP PBX
OM series IP PBX is an all-in-one unified communication system for small and mid-size offices. With built-in analog-phone interfaces, CO line interfaces, SIP-based trunks, and SIP-client-registration functionality, OM series IP PBX connects well to traditional and unified voice networks and terminals. With support for up to 1000 SIP users, OM series IP PBX supports mobile extensions, allowing employees to communicate with customers and team members at any time and anywhere.

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New Rock MX Series VoIP Gateway

The MX series VoIP gateways support a wide range of access-gateway applications. Providing 2-to-96 FXS and/or FXO ports, MX gateways deliver carrier-hosted unified services as well as enterprise-based voice-fax applications. The gateways are typically used to connect analog telephone terminals, legacy fax terminals, PBXs, or key systems to IMS/SIP/MGCP-based IP networks. With flexible hardware configurations and rich features, MX gateways are ideal components in many VoIP-based solutions.


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