Say Goodbye to Communication Barriers, xFusion global office Experience the UCaaS Magic of NewLync2.0

xFusion is a leading global provider of computing infrastructures and services. Guided by the vision "Let Computing Serve You Better", xFusion continuously creates value for customers and partners, and accelerates the digital transformation of various industries. With a global footprint, xFusion has established 11 research centers, 7 regional offices, and 6 Global Technical Assistance Centers (GTACs) worldwide.

With dozens of offices spanning different continents, xFusion faced the challenge of unifying communication tools, integrating global number resources, and enabling seamless collaboration among its geographically dispersed teams.

To address these challenges, xFusion go with NewLync unified communication solutions, and leveraged China Mobile international global number resources to implement a comprehensive communication system that would revolutionize the way its offices interacted and operated.

By deploying NewLync 2.0 Unified Communications, xFusion was able to seamlessly integrate telephone voice, messaging, and high-definition video conferencing into a single, cohesive communication platform. This allowed employees across xFusion global offices to communicate effortlessly, share information, and conduct virtual meetings with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

The integration of China Mobile's global number resources further enhanced the solution, providing xFusion with a unified numbering plan across its international offices. This streamlined approach eliminated the complexities associated with managing multiple regional phone numbers, simplifying internal and external communication and fostering a cohesive global presence for the company.

As a result of implementing the NewLync 2.0 Unified Communications platform in conjunction with China Mobile's global number resources, xFusion experienced a significant improvement in global office efficiency. Teams were able to collaborate seamlessly, make and receive calls using a unified global number scheme, and conduct high-quality video conferences, regardless of their physical location.

The enhanced communication capabilities led to increased productivity, faster decision-making, and improved cross-office collaboration, ultimately driving business growth and operational excellence for xFusion Global Office.

With NewLync 2.0 and China Mobile's global number resources, xFusion Global Office successfully transformed its communication infrastructure, creating a connected, efficient, and collaborative environment that empowered its global workforce to work together seamlessly, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

The integration of NewLync 2.0 Unified Communications platform with China Mobile's global number resources provided a comprehensive communication solution that significantly improved efficiency and collaboration for xFusion Global Office's numerous global offices.

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