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Customer Background

Sinopec Changling Refining and Chemical Company ("Changling Refining"), formerly known as Changling Oil Refinery, was established in 1965 and put into operation in May 1971. At present, it has 35 sets of oil refining and chemical production units with a crude oil processing capacity of 8 million tons per year and is an important petrochemical industrial base in the central and southern regions.

Changling Refinery is located on the shore of Dongting Lake in Yueyang, Hunan Province, with the Yangtze River to the north and the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway to the south, known as the "Ten-Mile Oil City".

Project Challenges

Sinopec has always been at the forefront of national information construction. In accordance with the industry construction trend, Changling Refinery has strengthened the application of information systems such as ERP, fuel cards, logistics and distribution, office automation, etc. However, the information infrastructure still needs to be improved.

The last telephone transformation of Changling Refinery dates back to more than a decade ago, with old and aging equipment and problems such as single-point failures of boards, batteries, and power supplies, which brought risks to the stability of corporate communications.

On July 28, 2018, the original program-controlled switch died due to a battery failure, resulting in a plant-wide communication interruption, which caused Changling Refinery to pay great attention. In the petroleum and petrochemical field of efficient protection, time is life and the telephone is the lifeline. To solve the problem at the root, Changling Refinery urgently needed to deploy a new voice communication system.

New Rock Solution

In response to the overall demand of Changling Refinery's voice transformation construction, New Rock followed the principle of unified planning and step-by-step implementation to ensure that its switchboard replacement and cutover work would be completed without affecting the normal operation of telephones.

General Administration of Changling Refinery

  • Deploy New Rock 1,000-users IP-PBX OM500 (supporting dual-computer hot standby and overlay expansion) to meet the telephone construction of more than 2,300 extensions in the General Administration
  • Deploy digital trunk gateway OM1000-TE, access the original 8 30B+D trunks and retaining the original external line numbers of the refinery
  • Deploy analog VoIP gateway MX60E access the original analog phones, retaining the original extension numbers and dialing habits
  • Deploy network management and monitoring system UMS to centrally manage all New Rock IP-PBX and VoIP gateways in the network
  • New Rock IP-PBX provides API interface to interface with the original billing system

Remote site

  • Phase I retains the original third-party PBX and connects to the network of the General Administration through the New Rock gateway
  • Phase II will replace all third party PBXs with New Rock IP-PBX to achieve multi-site networking

Customer value

Highly reliable communication, guaranteeing zero voice interruption

The petroleum and petrochemical industry relies on and uses voice communication systems to a very high degree. New Rock OM500 IP-PBX supports 99.999% telecom grade reliability. Based on the carrier-grade professional hardware platform, it adopts advanced technologies such as dual power supply, dual network port redundancy, dual machine hot standby, power, and network failure escape, etc. to ensure "0" voice interruption.

Docking with other business systems, innovative information integration

New RockIP-PBX provides open API interface, which can be docked with other information systems such as ERP/OA system, billing system, command and dispatch system, etc. to enhance the speed of enterprise business innovation and lay the foundation for the future integration of the petrochemical industry.

Efficient operation and maintenance

Through the UMS the head office unifies monitoring and centralized operation and maintenance for the whole network equipment, which greatly improves the operation and maintenance efficiency. When the equipment is abnormal, the operation and maintenance personnel can receive phone, email and WeChat alerts to solve the problem at the first time.

Easy to deploy and expand, protect user investment

The transformation does not need to change the original phone number and phone terminal, which greatly protects the customer's original investment. At the same time, the external dialing habits also remain unchanged. In the future, if there is a need for telephone transformation or expansion in other places within the ten-mile oil city, it can also be quickly realized based on the enterprise optical network

Energy saving and environmental protection, helping to build a green petrochemical

Deployment of New Rock VoIP solution greatly saves space and energy consumption in the server room. 2 server cabinets can achieve 1000 seats scale, and operational cost savings such as site and energy consumption reach over 50%.


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