NAT Traversal Service

Many enterprises have introduced a telephone network in order to achieve trans-regional telephony interconnectivity. However, they often encounter the following problems during actual deployment,
- Lack of a fixed public network IP address
- Complex network environment, with multi-level routers/firewalls
- No professional IT staff
To solve such longstanding problems, New Rock has innovatively integrated NAT traversal technology the OM series IP-PBX. When using OM IP-PBX for telephone system networking, neither a fixed public network IP address nor router port mapping is required for either the headquarters or branch offices, significantly reducing the cost and technical barrier for office telephone system networking.

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Product description

Individual enterprise: Mobile and networked extensions

Upon being connected to the network, corporate SIP extensions (IP phone, soft-phone, and voice gateway + analog phone) will be remotely registered using traversal technology with the enterprise’s New Rock IP-PBX, thereby achieving mobile, networked extensions.

Multi-branch enterprises: Trans-regional telephone network

Every network site is installed with the New Rock OM IP-PBX. All IP-PBXs are inter-connected through NAT traversal service, creating a trans-regional corporate communication network, with extensions inside the network calling each other, free of charge.

Product features

Since its commercial launch in October 2017, the New Rock network NAT traversal service has been adopted in more than 1,000 enterprises, with a daily call volume on the platform reaching as high as 100,000. To ensure normal call operation, the New Rock R&D team has released new functions such as hot backup, monitoring and alarm, remote management, and protection against attacks, which is in strict adherence to our commitment of 99.99% reliability.

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