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This is suitable for all service enterprises that conduct telemarketing, telephone surveys, and telephone follow-ups, which rely on placing a large volume of outbound calls. Examples include financial institutions and insurance companies, real estate agents, and educational and training enterprises.
Given a large volume of outbound calls, this type of call center often faces the following challenges
1. Outbound calls are dialed manually and therefore suffer from poor efficiency
2. The lack of call recordings prevents enterprises from meeting supervisory requirements set by governments/industries/enterprises
3. The lack of communication records means customer disputes are not easily handled
With the New Rock telemarketing-type call center solution, telemarketers can conduct batch import of a call list. Dialing can be accomplished by simply clicking a list, thus improving calling efficiency and volume.
Management staff can allocate call volume for each telemarketer, as well as supervise telemarketers through call recordings and converted text as well as call histories.

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