OM80E for Italy Middle-size Hotel

Customer Background
With pandemics holding back tourism, the hotel industry takes the hit hard.Owners of the hotel are satisfied with their old PBX system until it is frequently malfunctioned and costs too much labor and resources to maintain.
At this point, upgrade to the IP-PBX system could be a great choice, cause it is neither expensive nor takes too much time.
An independent middle-sized hotel located in Spain, with about 100 rooms on multiple floors was facing the problem that their old PBX system is single functional and lacks efficiency.

Customer Requirement
With the pandemic lockdown and many other inconveniences, this upgrade to VoIP must be easy for deployment and require light maintenance in the future.

Feature Function

1.WIFI IP Phone wireless deployment

  1. 2.Open API for billing software
  2. 3.Easy upgrade and deployment
  3. 4.Multi-language setting

New Rock Solution
Like many other hotel customers in Europe, the hotel chooses the all wifi phone deployment plan, with OM80E IP PBX as the core component that could support 216 users and 90 concurrent calls.

1.Deployed an OM80E IP PBX, and NRP2020/W WIFI IP phones for system upgrade.
2.Provide multi-level, multi-lingual, personalized voice welcome messages to enhance the hotel brand image and improve customer experience.
3.Provide integrated hotel voice communication functions such as wake-up call, call recording, and billing.
4.Support access to IMS and PSTN.

5.New Rock IP PBX supports open API docking to Zibo billing software and hotel PMS.

Customer Value

1.Reduced telephone communication cost in the future.
2.Improve the hotel communication & management efficiency.
3.OM80E IP PBX could use for max 216 extensions, easy for the hotel’s future expansion and multi-site networking.
4. Use 3 days upgrade to the brand new system, without interrupting the hotel business running and.
5.Provide a better customer experience with smooth and easy-to-use room phones
6.Easy to maintain and manage. The VoIP system is far easier to manage than the  PABX system. Decreases labor costs on maintenance and deployment while increasing productivity.

7.VoIP offers benefits such as an auto-attendant, which will make sure that no call is missed, even during off-hours when there is little to no staff on hand. Fewer missed calls mean fewer missed opportunities for a new booking.

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