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This is suitable for helpdesk-type call centers of enterprises or sales/customer service teams with less than 30 people whose primary job is to receive a large volume of customers’ calls.
This type of call center typically provides all sorts of operation advice or handles acceptance of business as well as customers’ complaints.
Examples include technical support centers, after-sales service centers, consulting/reservation centers, complaint centers, and claims centers.
Given a large number of inbound calls, this type of call center often faces the following challenges,
1. Customer service staff is not at the work station or the call is received during non-working hours, resulting in missed calls and disappointed customer
2. Inbound calls cannot be allocated, resulting in different service staff having unbalanced workloads
3. Repeated communication on the same issue leads to poor service efficiency and often results in poor customer satisfaction
4.No call recording results in service quality not be monitored and disputes with customers are hard to handle
The New Rock helpdesk-type call center solution improves call reception and response rate using its 24/7 smart switchboard and a host of call-distribution capabilities.
Call center service staff can record customer information and call contents during the calls in real-time. Management staff can access call histories, call recordings, and converted text of all call center employees to supervise service quality.

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