New Rock Recording Management System integrates the collection, storage, query playback and management of telephone recording files, realizing the centralized management of telephone recordings generated by New Rock OM series IP-PBX and MX series VoIP gateway, meeting the requirements of large and medium-sized enterprises or call centers for telephone recording.

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Product description

Query and playback: provide 9-dimension query, including number, time period, duration, department, label, rating, etc.; recording click playback, display the number of times played.

Statistics and analysis: come with daily, monthly, annual and departmental reports, and also customizable reports, graphical display of phone recording data, and support for report export.

Security and encryption: Encrypted storage of recording files, limiting playback to the management system and maximizing data security.

Roles and permissions: Support custom system roles and give different permissions for different roles to achieve multi-level control.

Monitoring and backup: Real-time monitoring of server status, recording operation traces, providing interface/email alarms, and multiple strategies to backup recordings.

Product features

  • High reliability: ensure no loss of recordings through local caching, intermittent transmission, etc.

  • High performance: support 300-way real-time phone recording, support 300 sites recording centralized management

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