NRP2020/W (Wifi)

NRP2020/W IP Phone is a multi-access network, easy deployment, excellent sound quality IP Phone. It supports 6 SIP account, which features elegant appearance and easy to operate. It is an entry-level IP Phone specially designed for business office, suitable for enterprise unified communications.

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Product description

· Basic Functions

132*58 graphic character dot matrix with full view of backlight LCD, 6 SIP accounts,Call Forward, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Hotline, Call Hold, Auto Answer, Redial, Mute, DND, Local 5-Way Conferencing, Speed Dial, Voice Mail, Local Phonebook (up to 1000 ), Direct IP call without SIP proxy, Black list, Dialed/Received/Missed/Forwarded call (400 total), Call Center Headsets mode

· Shortcut Functions

13 programmable keys, One key to arrive menu, One key to read the phone information,Intelligent search for phonebook, Dial assistant

· IP-PBX Features

Intercom, Paging, Call pickup, Call park, Anonymous call, Anonymous call rejection, Hold on music, Conference Call, Group pickup, DND&Call forward state synchronization, Call Recording

· Multi-language

English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified or Traditional Chinese, Polish, Turkish, Hebrew

· Advanced Features

LDAP, XML remote phonebook, Action URL, Active URI, CSTA, Multicast paging

· Audio Features

10( own ring tone+custom ring tone) article, 8 volume adjustable + Mute mode, Narrowband codec: G.711(a/μ), G.729A/B/AB, G.726, iLBC, Wideband codec: G.722, L16, Support VAD, CNG, AEC, PLC, AJB, AGC, Full-duplex speakerphone with AEC

Product features

  • WiFi is convenient for user's deployment, seamlessly and easily be used to the wireless office network

  • Dual-core CPU, processing of voice and application independently, improve voice quality and application processing speed

  • Rich application, perfectly compatible with leading IP-PBX platform

  • Communication security, signal encryption, media encryption, HTTPS for Web management and uploading & downloading configuration files

  • Convenient deployment and maintenance, support remote deployment by Internet

Model Comparison

IP Phone Entry Level Color Screen Video Phone WIFI Phone
NRP1302/P NRP2002/P NRP2013/P NRP1312G/P NRP1600/P NRP1610G/P NRP2020/W

Display Screen Black-white dot Matrix Screen Black-white dot Matrix Screen 2.4-inch color screen 2.8-inch color screen 7-inch color touch screen 7-inch color touch screen Black-white dot Matrix Screen
Port 100M×2 100M×2 100M×2 1G×2 1G×2 1G×2 100M×2
WIFI × × × × ×
Video × × × × ×
SIP Account 2 6 6 4 6 6 6
DSS Keys 2 13 15 4 140 112 11
UMS × ×
Install Desktop/Wall Mounted Desktop Desktop/Wall Mounted Desktop/Wall Mounted Desktop/Wall Mounted Desktop Desktop/Wall Mounted

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