Along with rising labor costs, contactless delivery, and increasing intelligent demand, "errand delivery" robots are more and more widely used in various industries. New Rock IOT solutions help robot manufacturers to make their products communicate with users quickly and intelligently through VoIP applications.
Application scenarios: telephone notification, play pickup code.
Application value: use the robot SaaS cloud platform+ New Rock in-store OM IP PBX, New Rock NAT traversal service, use the hotel original phone extensions, to realize fast and convenient deployment, centralized operation and maintenance in the UMS cloud, hotel errand robot arrives at the designated location and needs to notify the guest room by telephone that the items have been delivered and inform the pickup code to pick up the goods.
The process requires the robot to dock with the hotel's existing communication system and follow the instructions to complete the task.

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Solution Value
  • Cloud-Based Operation and Maintenance, Cost Saving

    · Deploy New Rock Unified Management System (UMS) to dock with the robot SaaS platform and give instructions to the hotel errand robot.

    · At the same time, centralized remote operation and maintenance is carried out for the New Rock equipment in the system to monitor the operation of the equipment in real time.

  • Rapid Deployment

    · Deploy a New Rock IP-PBX to connect with the hotel's existing communication system through analog lines

  • Seamless Docking

    · No change to the hotel's original communication system structure.

  • Support Multi-Platform Docking

    · The robot is connected to the robot business platform through hotel Wi-Fi or 5G, and the customer is notified of the pickup through the guest room phone when the item is delivered.

    · New Rock platform supports docking with many brands such as No.9 robot and YOGO robot.

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