OM200G for Budget Chain Hotel

Customer Background
A budget chain hotel has its head office located in City A, has more than a dozen branches in the City A and other districts/counties, with more than 20 customer services staff in total. In order to facilitate centralized management, only the head office number is used for public contact. When a customer calls in, the operators of the head office will transfer the call to different branch hotels based on the customer's area, and the branch customer service center will provide localized service to the customer.
Customer Requirement
The head office has more than 80 rooms in addition to the customer service staff, and each room needs to be equipped with 1 analog phone. The hotel wants the room phone number and customer service phone number integrated in one telephone management system, which has a total of 100 extensions. In other words, the head office needs a telephone system that can support at least 120 extensions, of which there are more than 20 extensions scattered in different districts/counties of City A.
Feature Function
---NAT Traversal Service
---Unified management
---Mobile working
---Easy upgrade and deployment
New Rock Solution
---Deploy OM200G IP PBX in City A hotel headquarter with 5 switchboard numbers
---The rest of the stores placed 2 set IP phones per store
---Through OM200G built-in NAT Traversal service, the branch IP phones can be easily connected to OM200G in the headquarter

When receiving the customer calls, the call will be transferred to the customer service center in the corresponding store.

OM200G IP PBX can support max 496 users and 120 concurrent calls, which is more than enough to meet the capacity requirements of hotels. What's more, OM200G has built-in NAT Traversal service, no fixed IP is required, no dynamic domain name is required, no router port mapping, the external extensions can easily penetrate the firewall and register to the IP PBX under the private network.

Customer Value

The whole customer service system runs smoothly with clear voice quality

-----Feedback from City A Hotel customer service staff

IP phones can be used when they are connected to the Internet cable, which is especially suitable for flexible deployment for multi-site networking, For where there is no network cable available, the customer service can use the mobile soft phone app to meet the communication need

------Feedback from Branch Hotel manager


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