In April 2024, NEC made an announcement to exit their on-premise UC products outside Japan, New Rock committed to supporting our customers with this opportunity and leverage each other's strengths to capture new markets. We've outlined some of the business advantages of New Rock and why it is the perfect fit for the NEC reseller.

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  • High-Capacity

    Extensions is one of the basic indicators to evaluate the main function of an IPPBX,New Rock stands out for its abundance of extensions .Compared to NEC’s Net-Link, connect up to 500 nodes through its advanced network management system, leveraging a multi-device networking protocol

  • High Reliability

    · New Rock has the advantages of high reliability such as Dual power supply backup and Dual network port backup ensuring the continuous operation of critical businesses and data security.

  • Multi- Feature UC Platform

    · The video conferencing and UC capabilities in the NEC series are less extensive compared to New Rock's offerings, with NEC's UC requiring an additional license purchase, and featuring a relatively outdated product interface.NewLync integrates instant messaging, audio/video conferencing, and mobile extensions

  • Unified Management of the Devices

    · UMS system can realize the unified management, monitoring and alarming of the equipment.

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